Serve Health Relief and Development Organization (SHRDO)

Director's Message

Welcome to SHRDO website. We are a multidisciplinary team of individuals who share the common goal of strengthening health systems to ensure that every individual has access to quality healthcare. This goal is reflected in all of our activities. After 3 dictates of conflict and political instability, a collapsed economy, Afghanistan’s health system is among the very poorest in the world. Obtaining the most basic of necessities – food, shelter and clothing – is a constant struggle. Such exposure intensifies an already poor health situation, with acute respiratory illnesses, diarrheal diseases, and malnutrition killing and weakening the children and mothers in Afghanistan.

There is a critical shortage of health care workers at every level. Healthcare facilities are in urgent need of restoration. Life expectancy rates are among the lowest in the world and high number of children dies before their fifth birthday. Lack of basic health care and malnutrition contribute to the high death rates. Afghanistan has still the high maternal mortality rate in the world.

Less number of deliveries is attended by trained health workers, mostly traditional birth attendants. About half of children less than 5 years of age are stunted due to chronic malnutrition and in most areas up to 10% have acute malnutrition. Mental health is a major health concern. Experts estimate that approximately 30%–50% of a population undergoing violent conflict develops some level of mental distress.

The aforementioned challenges and problems are especially very high among IDPs and returnees.

Based on our aim and goal on March 2009 I have made a managerial system of health in emergencies inside SHRDO by which we could and can deal all type of health challenges in any kind of emergencies either man made or natural. We establish and create our emergency teams containing a MD doctor; Midwife, Vaccinator and pharmacy dispenser send them to the area of need as mobile or tented clinic.

By using the above experience we could save the life of thousands of children, mothers and elders in the IDP camps in Kabul since 2009

To help us achieve above we formed partnerships with government ministries, donors, NGOs and other entities.

The combination of an informed and committed advisory board coupled with a group of staff with a diverse range of knowledge and expertise working on the common goal of strengthening health systems in Afghanistan is key to our contribution. If you are interested in the work of SHRDO contact us.



Dr. Niaz Mohammad Faizi


Director of SHRDO





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