About Us

SHRDO is non-government, non –political, non- profitable humanitarian organization started its operation in early (2008) after license given by Ministry of Economy, and the organization is officially registered with Ministry of Economic of Afghanistan with No 1238.

The organization is active member of Health Cluster , nutrition cluster, KIS task force and protection cluster . Director of SHRDO has been selected as coordinator of Health sector in Kabul Informal Settlements (KIS) by the World Health Organization and other international organizations involving in KIS sites in 2013.

We are committed to achieve the SHRDO charter through providing basic health care services to the most vulnerable people of Afghanistan especially women, children and disables , Providing health and sanitation education to the community, immediate intervention in the emergencies and disasters ( man made or natural) , empowering the Afghan women and vulnerable folk to participate in social economic and productivity.

SHRDO as an Afghan oriented organization with main objective to improve socio-economic status of vulnerable (poor of the poorest mainly minority) and especially isolated Afghan women through their direct involvement in social and economic interactions.

The prime motive behind the formation of SHRDO is to provide basic health care services to the vulnerable and needy Afghan women and men through its mobile health clinics.

SHRDO health staff is well trained and always ready to deal in any type of emergencies.

SHRDO staff has the experience of 8 years work in emergencies especially in providing basic health care services in the IDP camps as well as returnee camps.

Currently SHRDO is providing health care services through mobile and fix clinics to 28 IDP camp in Kabul covering 40525 IDPs by this program.


An Afghanistan where people can live together peacefully, have access to civil services equally, work together for construction of the country, an Afghanistan where all vulnerable groups (Minority) become self-sufficient, educated, developed and able to raise their voice for rights.

An Afghanistan where each and every population have the right to meet its basic health needs.


To improve the quality of life of the people of Afghanistan, to provide basic health care to the women, girls and children to the poor and marginalized communities.

Operational Approach:

a)    Women, children and other vulnerable individuals will remain as the top priority target beneficiaries of the organization.

b)   The organization will focus on sustainability of the projects rather than short term relief assistance to avoid repeated demands in the future.

c)    The organization will also focus on evaluation and impact of its activities as this will add to the capacity of SHRDO in particular from the lessons learnt. For such a reason, particular indicators will be set for each category of activity.

d)    The projects implemented by SHRDO are strategy based and it is mainly divided in the following categories.


Project sustainability:

Project sustainability is the top priority for SHRDO during project planning. After completion of any project SHRDO keep on assisting the project beneficiaries in marketing as well, SHRDO Community Officer is responsible to find challenges and the problems which the the community for the of the trainees and likewise, link the trainees with the market traders which play a vital role in overall development projects. The organization also provides assistance after the completion of the project in order to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Priorities for SHRDO:

·         Provision of quality health services to the IDPs and needy people living in Afghanistan.

·         Development of health situation of the population in emergency through proper health education.

·         To say no to any measles and polio case in the country by applying on time and quality vaccination in the target populations.

·         To motivate community for the community by training CHWs and Community Mobilizers.

·         Establishing mobile medical team to provide health service to the needy people ( especially who are displaced) 



No Name Functional Title
1 Dr.Niaz Mohammad Faizi Director
2 Dr. Mir Haidar Halimi Program Manager
3 Dr. Farooq Iqbal Health Team Supervisor
4 Mr. Riaz Ahmadzai Admin/Finance Manger
5 Ms. Khalida Yusofi Admin officer
6 Ms. Hakima Esmatyar Ex-Admin Manager
7 Mrs. Fariba Amiri Ex-Finance Manager

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