1. Health Sector:

The target groups of SHRDO’s integrated basic and primary health package program are the (mainly rural) people living in the (increasingly expanding) including Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) and Returnees. Special emphasis is placed on women and children through Mother and Child Health / Family Planning (MCH/ FP), immunization and nutrition activities.

SHRDO is mainly focusing on the most vulnerable populations, in emergencies and disasters both man-mad and natural.

Our process of the rapid action and activities in the emergencies are as below:

-       To establish a mobile or fixed health team on the site of the man-mad or natural disaster or in the place where the people are allocated from the disasters as IDP.

The team will work on the below ways:

1)    Provides Free OPD to the population.

2)    Provides Free Medicine based on the prescription of the professional SHRDO doctor.

3)    Provides routine vaccination after a Measles complain by our Health team in the camps.

4)    Provides ante natal and post natal care ( ANC) and (PNC) services through our expert midwifes.

5)    An everyday Health Education is another activity the team is doing.

6)    Family planning is also a considerable activity of the team.

7)    Nutrition screening of the children under 5 years of age is normally doing by the team.


-     SHRDO is normally doing a measles vaccination campaign for the firs approach in the post disaster communities.


 -       To implement health education and nutrition awareness raising MCH/ Family Planning (FP)

-       Immunization awareness

-       Capacity building and training of local and regional health workers staff and management

-       To improve the overall health situation 

-      SHRDO also contacts with the related cluster like wash, protection and nutrition in order to do avoid any type of out breaks in the camps.


2.  Women empowerment

More than three decades of violent conflict result of a high level of poverty, lawlessness and violence which have severely affected the lives of afghan women further compounded constraining cultural practices and the opportunities for Afghan women to take active part in public life are limited, it is making women’s victims of social and economic exclusion.

While Afghan women are redefining their roles and claiming their space in society through education, employment and political participation, the challenges they face remain enormous. Afghan women still experiencing the highest maternal mortality rates in the world and suffer from malnutrition and health problems, lack of access to social services in health and education, continue to suffer violence and human rights abuses poverty rights and limited access to justice.1. Protection Component

For this part of the activity, the organization focuses on awareness of mankind as women and children on their civil and political rights through training courses, monitoring in the field and following their needs with relevant interlocutors when deemed necessary.

 3. Education

SHRDO establishes literacy courses and accelerated education programs for needy girls and boys students and will also closely work in the communities where the parents do not let girls to attend school due to cultural issues as this problem is still dominant in many areas in Afghanistan. In addition, the organization will work with project beneficiaries (women and children) to build their capacity in different skills so that they can easily be stably self-employed or seek employment elsewhere with rich expertise.




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