2016 Annual Report Summery:


SHRDO has implemented 3 projects plus 3 months remaining project from 2015.

The projects were funded by WHO/EHA

Total population covered: 40525

Total number of camps covered : 28

Total Number of Cases Visited by SHRDO Health Teams in KIS During 2016:

ARI, cough and cold: 35083

Pneumonia: 398

AWD 8155

Bloody diarrhea 6961

Skin Infection 904

Eye Infection 2947

Trauma 1034

Other : 29846

ANC 1st visit 1728

ANC 2nd and 3rd visit: 1796

PNC 1st visit : 734

PNC 3-5 visit: 487

Measles Vaccination :1725                                                                                                    

Women vaccine: 5078

Total number of patients visited (excluding vaccines): 85328

Number of Hygiene KITs distributed: 350

Number of Sick patients referred to public HF:265

There is no mortality related figures in the camps under SHRDO coverage

Family planning activities:

Number of Contraceptive Tablet distributed: 892 Pocket tablets

Number Contraceptive injection applied:497 women received injections

Number of Condom distributed: 510 women were regularly receiving condoms

And 3 wise a week health education conducted in each health facility regarding family planning.


To read complete report click here.

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